Tired of your sticks slipping, hands cramping, shock, wearing gloves or taping your sticks? 

Cooper Grooves are comfortable and will relax your hands

Designed by a drummer for drummers.

CooperGrooves do 10x more and will last 3x longer than the mass produced bigger brands

100% Money back-keep the Grooves Guarantee. 


“These sticks are incredible! I almost never drop them. The grooves allow for air to flow between your hand and the stick, which decreases sweating. Along with the grooves decreasing my sweating, these sticks are also very durable. It took me nearly four months to break a stick! These sticks are definately worth the money! I can’t recommend them enough.”-Andrew Frideczky

“These sticks are amazing. They last twice as long as the sticks I used to use. I’ve noticed a difference in the way I hold the stick after switching to CooperGrooves. My grip is looser and I have also noticed that I don’t drop them when I play. I really like the way they feel.” – Amy May



Build Your Own CooperGrooves

Choose your size, your grip & your tip!


M.D. Approved

“As a Drummer and a doctor who has suffered and come back from a severe wrist fracture on my dominant left hand (left handed but play right handed) I can attest to the fact that this stick provided the ability to grip without over-gripping and they helped my circulation by doing so hands are drier and don’t have the pain that I’ve experienced with other sticks.”

-Dr. Maurice Sheetz
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    "These sticks have changed everything for me! No more fatigue or soreness for these old hands!"

    James Barron
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    "These sticks have and will continue to revolutionize the industry. It allows people to continue their passion of playing the drums, solving a whole slew of problems." 

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    "Simply put CooperGroove drumsticks are a gamechanger for me."

    John Mulvan Jr.

Why Choose Cooper Groove?

CooperGroove Performance Drumsticks are a patented grip technology that increase  grip, decrease sweat and stimulate pressure points. CooperGrooves eliminate the need to tape, sand, wax or wear gloves. The GrooveGrip relaxes your hands and stimulates blood flow which decreases or eliminates shock, cramps, slips, drops, and fatigue. They are also eliminating pain for several drummers worldwide. You will never lose your grip. You will drum better, faster and longer.

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Who is Cooper Groove?

Cooper Groove is a community and a brand 
that was started by Carlo Cooper in 2005. He has reinvented the drumstick and through the incredible feedback from drummers around the world, it has become a movement. Drummers love being part of something that they are helping to grow and shape. Join CooperGroovers on  Facebook to see it and be part of it.


Cooper Groove donates a portion of it’s sales to Drug Resistance Using Music with our D.R.U.M. stick.