Featured in the March issue of Modern Drummer

“The grooves provide sensory feedback; know where your grip is at all times.”
Stephen Bidwell, Modern Drummer Magazine

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We stand 100% behind our product. If you are not absolutely satisfied within 30 days, we will refund your purchase minus the shipping/handling and we will let you keep the CooperGrooves!




CooperGrooves were invented by a drummer for drummers. The Crosscut Grooves are a breakthrough in drum stick design that increase grip, relax the hands, keep hands dry, stimulate pressure points, and more! Learn more about CooperGrooves and the man behind the scene.

Why choose CooperGrooves?
  • Increase your grip, eliminate the need for gloves
  • Relax your hands
  • Keep your hands dry
  • Stimulate your pressure points
  • Decrease/eliminate shock to your hands/arms
  • Decrease/eliminate cramps, tingling, slips, drops and fatigue
  • The grooves provide sensory feedback, you will know always know where your grip is at
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