I’m Carlo Cooper, the inventor of the CooperGroove high performance drum stick, and that is a picture of me in front of one of our CooperGroove booths. I am a father of three, have been a drummer for over thirty years, and currently reside in Oak Park, IL. Over the years, I grew increasingly frustrated with my drum sticks continuously slipping out of my hands. I tried everything from sand paper to gloves and nothing worked quite right until I tried a new technique: cross-cut grooves. I immediately noticed that this was exactly the feel I was looking for in a drum stick. No more slips, no more cramps, no more sweat, no more fatigue and it’s all thanks to a breakthrough design that I came up with in my garage!

One day, I just posted a picture of the sticks in the packaging and said “breakthrough design in drumsticks” on a Facebook group for drummers. After that day on October 22nd in 2015, things took off and CooperGroove was born. I am very passionate about my invention and these drum sticks are made right here in the United States just blocks from my house in Oak Park, Illinois! An amazing thing happened shortly after I launched this product: I found benefits for the cross cut design that I hadn’t even thought of! A ton of drummers have come to me and said that this has eliminated the pain they experienced while drumming and has helped tremendously with tendonitis and carpal tunnel. It is an honor for me to have created a product that continues to help drummers around the world.

If you’re skeptical of the CooperGroove, don’t hesitate to try one out! I stand 100% behind my product and have a money back guarantee. If you don’t like the CooperGroove drum sticks, we will send you your money back (minus shipping/handling) and even let you keep the sticks!

“CooperGroove drum sticks are so popular, even the vegetarians love them….rim-shot crash!” – Carlo Cooper

You can’t lose with CooperGroove!

100% Money back, keep the sticks guarantee.

Have any questions? I'd be glad to help!

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