Black GrooveGrip CooperGroove Drum Sticks

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CooperGrooves are made to order, not mass produced and take 1-2 weeks to deliver. They are worth the wait!

5A .560″ 16″ L
5B .600″ 16 1/4″ L
2B .620″  16 1/4″ L
7A .520″ 15 3/4″ L

The revolutionary GrooveGrip™ increases your grip, eliminates slips, drops, cramps and fatigue! Thousands of drummers have made it their #1 “go-to” stick. Now available dipped for even more grip!

No drummer will be let down! If you don’t love your CooperGrooves, call, email or message us. We will either get you a pair that you love or refund your money back for the sticks and you can keep them!

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The GrooveGrip™ will change the way you play!

  • Increase your grip, eliminate the need for gloves, wax, tape or rubber grips
  • Relax your hands
  • Keep your hands dry
  • Stimulate your pressure points
  • Decrease/eliminate shock to your hands/arms
  • Decrease/eliminate cramps, tingling, slips, drops and fatigue
  • The grooves provide ssensory feedback, so you know always know where your grip is

Made from American Hickory in the USA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – No Drummer Will Be Let Down
If you don’t love your CooperGrooves, call, email or message us. We will either get you a pair that you love or refund your money back for the sticks and you can keep them! CooperGrooves!

5A .560″ 16″ L
5B .600″ 16 1/4″ L
2B .620″  16 1/4″ L
7A .520″ 15 3/4″ L

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4 reviews for Black GrooveGrip CooperGroove Drum Sticks

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about coopergroove sticks. In the short time I’ve been playing with them I’ve experienced several personal improvements. One is my grip. As a long time player of jazz and fusion genres I used a traditional grip and the moeller technique along with a lighter stick. Within the last 3 years I returned to my first love heavy metal. I couldn’t get comfortable with the sticks I’d been using for over 30 years. They’d slip from my hands narrowly missing my band mates. And my hands began to hurt from my tightening grip. My guitarist sent me a link to coopergroove drumsticks. When I received my first pair ( which I recently retired) they tore up my hands. I adjusted my grip and tossed my old sticks in the fireplace. They’re also a lot lighter. In jumping from one genre to another I found myself requiring a larger diameter stick which meant heavier as well. To me the 5a has the weight of a 7a and the durability of a 2b. Coopergroove sticks have all I need from a stick. A great grip, light weight to move around the kit faster, and durable. They outlast every other stick I’ve ever used 3 times over. And to top everything off, Carlo is awesome not only to me but to the rest of metal Life crisis as well.. very honored to be a coopergroove artist. Take note drummers as I’m sure other drumstick manufacturers are.. these are the best sticks made.🤘🏻

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Man. What can I say. I’m speechless. The weight balance on these sticks are out of this world, especially for being a light weight stick. I have NEVER in my 10 plus years of drumming have experienced a stick that just felt…natural. Drumming felt effortless. ZERO vibration in the handle, which helped my muscle fatigue.

    HIGHLY recommended.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have been using drum stick wax for the past couple years and then came across these drum sticks. I ended up getting the black grip sticks in 5A Wood tip and just played 2 gigs in the last week with them. They are great! I never lost a stick once in 7 hours of gig time, which is great. Sticks feel well balanced. I am happy with them!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing drums for about 17 years. I play fast and hard, and the most common thing I’ve run into playing blast beats and fast fills for long periods of time is hand cramps, fatigue and throwing sticks all over the place. I’ve tried different sticks like Vic Firth, Promark and Vater drumsticks, but I never really felt satisfied with how they felt. I got try these sticks out by total chance when I met Carlo at a NAMM event in 2016, and immediately after trying them out, I already felt a dramatic difference in my grip. After getting the chance to use sticks for a little while came the difference in feeling when I applied technique to my endurance exercises. The weight of the stick is balanced evenly and the issues that I had with cramping and fatigue have definitely decreased the more that I’ve used this sticks. On a side not of that, I used them at the World’s Fastest Drummer event in Nashville this last summer and got 900+ strokes in 60 seconds!

    No matter what style of music you play, these sticks are an absolutely ” must own ” product, plus they look really cool with the red and black dips too! They just feel great and make you more comfortable with your playing overall. I’m sold and can’t stop buying and using these sticks. They’re one of a kind and truly made for drummers of all styles.

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