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Just got my Cooper Groove 5AN sticks used them on my practice pad taking them to the kit later on . As a drummer who has limited use of all 5 fingers on my left hand dropping sticks is always a problem of mine also bad hand cramps. Well, I have put about 20 hours on my Cooper Groove drum sticks so far and not one drop or cramp, In fact I just ordered a second pair about 5 mins ago. You have restored my drumming to how I felt before my accident when I cut my fingers just about off my hand l have them all and I have your sticks biggest thanks Cooper Groove !!!!!!!!!
Todd J. Drummer in NY
Just finished practice. Awesome man! Grip is real good. The grooves are amazing! I practiced the other day with different sticks and I felt real tired from my wrists. No problem with the coopergroove sticks.
Jose J.
Ok guys here’s my first review of the sticks, now that I had some practice time.first the sticks feel amazing to hold and comfortable a bit misleading at first because they feel light but very solid.once I started playing the pain in my right thumb started coming back.so I let hand my adjust the grip using the grooves and as I got higher on the stick the pain pretty much disappeared.I was able to adjust my grip while playing without losing control of the stick.and I love how I can dig in with the sticks and pull out the power of my Pearl Vision kit especially my snare.I was pull out an amazing pop out of it with the confidence the sticks allow.all I can say is Coopergrooves are now my #1 go to sticks.thank you Carlo for coming up with these sticks.I believe they will help all drummers with any kind of grip issues.
Michael G.
I can’t see me using any other brand of stick from now on. That’s how impressed I am at this point. I bought them to support a group member but found a new “go to” stick. You have to try these!
Kevin C. Drummer in FL.
I tried out CooperGrooves and I fell completely in love with them! “My number one stick that I would go to was Promark. Your sticks totally beats out my Promark sticks hands down. They are so comfortable, I love the grooves, it’s just an amazing stick and I love it! When you get some of the 5Bn please let me know, because I love 5B’s. Thanks again brother!”
Nick L. Drummer in NM
Hey Groovers, just want to Say that these sticks are the Real Deal. They do Exactly what Carlo Promised they Would, Better Grip, Better Control, they Reduce the Sweat by the Air Flow created by the Grooves and they are Durable! Last night was the 4th time playing with them. They are almost exactly like the  I use but they are lighter than them, so that makes it easier on my Bad Left Shoulder, Arm and hand. I put a Beating on these Sticks and Haven’t Broke Em Yet. You Really Delivered on Everything and A Money Back Guarantee! C’mon! Carlo Cooper. Congratulations on Your New Success.
Frank D.
I finally found the right sticks. What a great feel with a great grip! Thank you Carlo Cooper for the sticks!
Kyle S. Drummer in Chicago
Finally got to break my first pair in last night ! I love these sticks! Played for about five hours and didn’t drop a stick once. Also noticed that my hands didn’t feel fatigued afterwards. No cramps or anything like that. Love the way they feel in my hands the weight, length, taper were perfect! ! I have to seriously stock up on these sticks. I’ve used Vic Firth for years, but I don’t think I can go back after trying these!
James T. Drummer in TX
Love the sticks! My new favorites. I have very dry hands and carpal tunnel on top of that. I normally use gripped sticks and wear gloves. Used your stick in the studio for 3 hours with no issues and no gloves.  The feel of the grip is by far my favorite.
Craig P. Drummer in TN

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