Why Choose
Cooper Groove?

Cooper Groove Performance Drumsticks set themselves apart.

Add groove to your feel.

Cooper Groove Performance drumsticks offer performance that is guaranteed to outplay and outlast the competition. 


Increase Grip

Decrease sweat

Stimulate Blood Flow

Relax Your Hands

Decrease Shock

Decrease Fatigue

Decrease Tingling

Decrease Cramps

Decrease Pain

Sensory Feedback

  • stars

    "Coming back to drumming after years off, these sticks have made life much easier."

    Glen Noel
  • stars

    "The best sticks I’ve ever used period."

    Mike Greene
  • stars

    "These sticks have changed my life. I can’t wait to get home after work and play my Cooper Grooves."

    Josh Smith

What are you waiting for?

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